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About Sea-Speed

SEA-SPEED V 10 X ULTRA is the perfect marine paint for aluminum boats, FRP (fiberglass, gel coat, and or wooden hulls on sailboats, sailing yachts, sport fishing boats, and mega yachts of all sizes. Seacoat’s unique technology forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that is impermeable and highly durable. It will last ten years and is easy to clean and maintain. The hull can be cleaned by hand or mechanically without damage or paint removal such as when cleaning ablative bottom paint. It is available in Clear, Black and white, aquamarine blue, forest green, red oxide, and light grey can be done with application of SEAPOXY 73 epoxy barrier coat.

Seacoat has also come up with another first in technology, a CLEAR COAT FRC (Foul Release Coating). The SEA-SPEED V 10 X ULTRA CLEAR is a thin film Silane-Siloxane clear coat that is ideal for racing sail & powerboats or your daily runabout or mega yachts. The V 10 X ULTRA CLEAR is perfect for new fiberglass or gel coat hulls where an owner does not want the "Bottom paint” look. Properly applied, SEA-SPEED has the lowest surface roughness in the industry (< 5 microns). The low coefficient of friction and surface energy yield a reduction in drag. Increases in speed and fuel savings have been reported up to 12 %. It is ideal as an aluminum boat paint as it does not contain cuprous oxides.

Both products are highly durable against mechanical damage and or underwater cleaning. Both are impermeable and form a NON-STICK surface. Note that boats that sit idle for extended periods of time will foul regardless of what type of coating is applied. Unlike conventional bottom paints, SEA-SPEED can be scrubbed without damaging the coating or releasing toxic cuprous oxides or biocides into the water. Whereas anti-fouling paint may last one or two years, SEA-SPEED is a non-depleting boat paint that does not polish or ablate. It can also be used on smaller vessels that may be trailered for extended periods. SEA-SPEED does not contain any poisons or toxic elements that become non-functional when they are removed from the water.