Gained 8 Knots Over Traditional Anti-fouling Paint

Gained 8 Knots Over Traditional Anti-fouling Paint

Hi Arron Sorry I have not been in touch earlier but in order to give this product a fair trial and give you a review it was not something I could do within weeks of applying the products. It has now been approximately four months since we re-launched the boat with the Sea-Speed / 10 X ULTRA clearcoat on initially the boat outperformed all data that I had recorded. It was more economical up to 13.5 litres an hour at cruising speed had 8 knots more top end and generally felt more nimble in the water. Having left the boat for six weeks without using it we found there was Very slight growth we then used the boat for the day to go fishing as we had the green light that we could fish from the government and on our return we found all the Growth had disappeared the only growth remaining was on the rear end which I lightly brushed and came back to New. So far I am extremely pleased with the product and hope to keep you up to date with to my findings especially when it’s lifted out for engine maintenance and jetted off.

When applying the clear coat I went up the avenue of starting from scratch so we basically stripped the old anti foul off till we were back to gell coat. We then used the clear coat epoxy prima. Gave it 2 coats sanded lightly in between coats and got an amazing smooth finish. When looking back applying the prima was the hard bit. The clear coat was then applied about 5 days after the prima as conditions were not the best in terms of outside temperatures and dampness. The clear coat is a dream to work with it covers really well and quick. The finish was ultra smooth and was well worth all my effort in stripping the old paint even though it is not necessary. Thank you for all your help and supplying the product will be in touch soon as my brother would like to place an order. Will keep in touch with some more feedback.

Burn rate at 20 knots with antifoul paint : 42.4 liters per hour Burn rate at 20 knots with Sea-Speed V 10 X ULTRA = 28.9 liters per hour

RPM reduction of 500 to maintain 20 knots (trim exactly the same as pre SEA-SPEED Test)

Savings in liters per hour at 20 knots = 13.5 liters per hour % fuel savings Net = 31.84 %

Gained 8 knots flat out, revved higher 25 to 33 knots at top speed = +32 %

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