Flo 43 Foot Aluminum Full Keel

Flo 43 Foot Aluminum Full Keel

Hello John,

I have been using Sea speed for 2 seasons and finally thought I could write an honest review of the product. I am a fan.

I have a 43′ Aluminum full keel canoe stern sailboat. I have seen and can feel significant speed over the old ablative paint used in the past. It is not unusual to see 8.5 knots more in heavy wind. With my old paint by the end of the season had nothing left and was growing reefs on the bottom. prepping for the new season meant sanders acetone and expensive toxic paint that I knew was going to wash off into the sound. Now I spray on muriatic acid bought from home depot for 10 dollars a gallon and let it sit for 15 minutes and give a scrub with a brush and rinse off with water to bring back the polished sea speed. Touch ups from groundings are an easy fix.

John, have appreciated the tech support you gave and have given me when I had questions.

Please feel free to give out my email to any customers who have questions.

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