SEA-SPEED® V 10 X ULTRA CLEAR is designed for sail and motor racing vessels. It is ideal for smaller pleasure boats where the owner does not want the classic bottom paint look.

It is easy to apply and provides a very durable high gloss finish that is non-stick and extremely smooth.

Seacoat has been in the forefront of development of Surface functionalized silane/siloxane and polysiloxane coating technologies for non –stick release in the marine industry since 2001.

This makes the SEA-SPEED the only sustainable & green alternative to soft silicone coatings and TOXIC self-polishing/ablative antifouling hull paints.

The V 10 X ULTRA series of hull coatings series is incrementally more durable and has the lowest surface roughness in the industry at (< 10 microns). The low surface energy and hydrophobicity the ULTRA reduces hydrodynamic drag to improve hull efficiency and lower fuel consumption (5 – 15 %) compared to conventional polishing and ablative paints.


  • The end result is a lower environmental impact carbon footprint.
  • Coatings are entirely non – permeable and UV stable delivering unsurpassed performance.
  • The Non-depleting coating yields a minimum ten (10) Year lifecycle thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • SEA-SPEED is registered through Lloyds Class approval to be fully compliant with IMO.



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